Bronx Boxing

1 hour of high intensity boxing training. Bags, pads, footwork, agility drills and of course abs.. Everything a boxer does minus the sparring (unless you want too). We teach correct techniques, footwork and combination punches but we keep it fast paced so you are still getting a burn.

Blue Light Boxing

Our true passion... Working with the Victorian Police and the re release of the Blue Light association. We will run two sessions a week teaching boxing and fitness to the youth of Bendigo. As per the Blue lights  discretion the session will be free to the chosen participants. 

Fast Class

30 Minutes of fast ployometric and bodyweight exercise. Class format will change every time from timer to reps. Its a real gymnastic inspired strength and conditioning session.

Power Hour

As it always been, 1 hour of fast paced training. Sessions vary from circuits, weight training, bag work, running. This is what it takes to get fit. All sessions are designed to go at your own pace and are suited for the beginner right through to the advanced.  You will have me there to push you along. No pretenders here, we train to get fit.


Youth Boxing

Our very own grading system. 9 levels all varying teaching the skills of boxing but also not forgetting the fitness and strength it takes to be a Boxer.

From the beginning Footwork,Stance, Jabs and by the end you will be a seasoned trained disciplined athlete ready to compete if you wish.


We are a boxing gym and we do compete. if you have been down to the HFBC you know the boxers rule the roost 430 to 630 the Boxers and aspiring Boxers train. This is open to everyone, we are a close family group and welcome newcomers anytime


Similar to the Bronx boxing with a little more emphasis on technique and footwork.

As all classes a hard workout you will finish with strength and conditioning and a punishing ab drill.

Next step for you after this class is to train with the boxers.