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Its how and why we started, to provide a place for our Bendigo Youth to come learn Boxing and Fitness, in a safe environment with no pressure to compete.

Just  a place to come blow of some steam, gain some self confidence, get fit and be around good people.

A real family environment, we are proud to have been an influence on so many young lives, whether your stay is short and you used the space to help your path or you have stayed long term and become part of the Hit Factory furniture and Family.

Coach Boon says " its fantastic when I get stopped down town by someone that came through the gym as a teenager and now they are grown married with kids of their own. It can give you a real buzz knowing that you were somewhere on their timeline of growth and  have had a positive impact."

We have been very fortunate to have had several Australian Boxing Champions in the gym, we have travelled and competed all over the country and have been very lucky to have competed overseas. We never say never, we are never forceful but we ask you to stay focused train hard and who knows where Boxing could take you.

Sessions - Info- Times - Ages

We are a competition Boxing gym and we do train to compete. We understand this is not the goal for all kids and we certainly do not push anyone to compete or spar in the gym. You can obtain all the same benefits of Boxing without the full contact, but we do train all kids the same way, with the same intentions and it is up to them what they wish to use Boxing for.

It is not biddy karate or lets get fit kids it is a Boxing gym! There will be competition sparring at the same time your child is training, it is controlled and safe but it is still a full contact sport and not for everyone.

Youth is our passion!! we get kids that are here for all different purposes and we will never knock back a kid that wants to learn the craft, but we are upfront and if your child is not ready for our sessions we will let you know.


We let everyone have a try, our youngest start age is 5 years old. We will asses your child and advise if they are too young and not yet ready to start.

Session Times


All youth classes are 430 pm Monday and Wednesday, this is for all ages up to 16 years.

Everyone begins in this session and with advancement and improved skills you will be invited to start in the boxers class.


10 Session per week $110

(10 week expiry)

Direct Debit unlimited session $20 per week

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