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In almost 18 months there has not been a single day I had not thought back on the old gym and the impact we made in many lives, young and old, no matter what walk of life. I would get many messages, calls and run in to people and they would talk about the gym and that they or someone they know had been through the gym, and the very common question was.. "when are you doing another one". 

Well that time has come.. 

At Hit Factory Boxing Gym, we offer more than just a workout. Our focus on boxing, youth, mental health, and fitness sets us apart. We believe that a strong body starts with a strong mind, and our coaches will help you reach your goals both inside and outside the ring. With Coach Boon back in the fold, it’s time to get back to what we do best – creating a community that is dedicated to becoming the best version of themselves.

July 2022

For 15 years the hit factory has been the leader of Boxing in Bendigo. Providing support to Youth in town giving them a space to come train, learn, build and better themselves.

I took boxing from being frowned upon in Schools in Bendigo to becoming a tool used for kids in discipline, self-confidence or just fitness.

In competition we were well regarded as one of the Elite gyms producing many State and National champions.

In all sports you see coaches burn out, to carry on at this level you need to be 100% committed and I feel that I have lost that edge, that passion to continue at the highest level takes.

Will I be back? I don’t know! Right now it’s a NO, but I will take time off and see what the future brings.

Coach Boon

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