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This is our online environment for coaching, it is like Facebook for the gym but for fitness you have your own specialized profile tailored to your individual needs. You have access at all times to exercise guides, nutrition advice and progress tracking. You can also get support from other participants and gain access to a wide variety of tools to make active, healthy living easier and more fun.

A common phrase I use in the gym is " I cant come home with you" well now I can. On sign up we work out your goals, your schedule and diet plan. You enter everything in to the app, your Hit Factory coach has access to your information at all times and can make adjustments, add workouts, challenges and give you advice via online.

Contact us today to improve your fitness journey, this is app is tailored to you and will change your way of training.  The app, 24/7 access to the gym and all classes are included for just $22.50 per week.

Your fitness


Your own personal portal, connect with people around the world check what they are doing to get ahead, join in with challenges and go head to head with someone on the other side of the world.

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