Most gyms offer quick weight loss offers, 28 day 21day 29min workouts. Of course they work, if you are going from little or no exercise to training and dieting you will lose weight. The hardest thing is to continue losing or turning flab to muscle and to keep achieving your goals and keeping that flab off. That’s where we come in only one gym in Bendigo can get you FIGHTING FIT.



If you’re looking for a quick fix or something you can buy now to alleviate some guilt that you’re feeling then please do not join this program this won’t be for you.

We’re not one of those fitness programs you buy online and never use, we expect you to follow the system, see it through to the end and achieve your goals.

If you’re willing to follow our healthy eating plans and… If you’re committed to sticking with our fitness program and nutrition plan.

We promise to teach you the correct way to train, get the most out of the time

you have. You don't need hours every day we will teach you to train anywhere 

at anytime.


What you get

Full access to our exclusive Gym coaching app,

you will have access to our app on your phone and desktop.

You will be coached 24/7 we can

custom and change your training, food with one click.

You will also get access training portal to keep in contact with

others in the group.

Full unlimited use 24/7 of the gym

Unlimited classes up to 6 per day

Fortnightly weigh in and mentor

Our food diary and eating guide

My 100% dedication to your goals


All this for $25.00 per week.


And of  course there's prizes.


Winners will be judged on several factors, goals reached,

weight loss and transformation.


About me,

Most PT’s and trainers learn only from books and what was handed to them in

a course. They haven’t experienced the battlefield, they don’t know and haven’t

experienced injury, the ups and downs of battle and some of the struggles we all

can face. For almost 10 years I have trained athletes in Boxing and various other sports, I have seen the frustration of defeat the highs of victory had to rehab and repair athletes due to injury, I have had to push some and pull some back in to line. These are not things that can be fixed by a quote from a famous person or by a lecturer but by being hands on. I strive to learn and better myself everyday so I can pass this on to you.

We do train hard but smart, my one moto is NO EXCUSES

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