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Have you always wondered what it was like to step through the ropes in front of a crowd of friends and family?

Have you trained in a boxing gym and maybe missed your chance?
Or are you just not sure if you can??

Now you can. 
We are starting a fighters challenge!

What’s that you ask?

For 12 weeks you train in the gym in any session, we also have 2 dedicated sessions per week for the challengers, to spar, and brush up on all the skill required to compete.

At the end of the 12 weeks, I will match you appropriately with someone else from the challenge, based on skill and competitiveness with each other in previous sessions.

We will hold a fight night for you to invite friends and family.


On the night at the weigh in we will announce

who you are competing with and you will compete in

3 x 90 second rounds.

The buzz and thrill of competing in front of

a crowd is like nothing else.. 


Thanks! Message sent.

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