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We are a competition Boxing gym and we do train to compete. We understand this is not the goal for all kids and we certainly do not push anyone to compete or spar in the gym. You can obtain all the same benefits of Boxing without the full contact, but we do train all kids the same way, with the same intentions and it is up to them what they wish to use Boxing for.

It is not biddy karate or lets get fit kids it is a Boxing gym! There will be competition sparring at the same time your child is training, it is controlled and safe but it is still a full contact sport and not for everyone.

Youth is our passion!! we get kids that are here for all different purposes and we will never knock back a kid that wants to learn the craft, but we are upfront and if your child is not ready for our sessions we will let you know.


We let everyone have a try, our youngest start age is 5 years old. We will asses your child and advise if they are too young and not yet ready to start.

Session Times


All youth classes are 430 pm Monday to Thursday and 9am Saturdays (saturdays will resume 2021), this is for all ages up to 17 years.

Everyone begins in this session and with advancement and improved skills you will be invited to start in the advanced youth boxing class at 5pm Monday to Thursday.


12 week blocks

1 Session per week $120

2 Sessions per week $165

Unlimited sessions per week $185

Direct Debit unlimited session $15 per week

Many of these children encounter boredom outside of school hours, with little to invest their time on or social support to make their days productive outside of those periods.

This programme helps to put purpose back into their lives. Boxing has been long known to instil discipline, self-belief, and a sense of belonging. Beyond being an excellent environment for building relationships amongst the youth and their society, it provides valuable mentoring and fitness education.

The drills and strength conditioning from the sparring and technique work guide these youngsters to take an interest in the sport. Overall, many join even without any intention to compete at all. A significant part of the programme led by trained fitness instructors helps to boost self-confidence through a variety of mentally challenging routines, with training to focus and concentrate. Blue Light Boxing believes that the sense of well-being and solidarity give such a vital difference to many of the young people something to look forward to beyond their daily routine.

Having volunteers from the Victoria Police also helps to alleviate a few of the problems of misconceptions regarding trust and association with the law. The structure of the programme aids skill development in handling situations that typically most youth would have resorted to fear or violence. Awareness building through Developmental Crime Initiatives support the young children to learn about protective factors that are demonstrated through research to act as a buffer against risk in adverse circumstances.

Overall, it is a successful engagement programme to create the next generation of confident, mature and empowered youth. If you are looking for a cause to support, then this is one that needs your help.


The Hit Factory and the Bendigo Blue Light came together to join forces and deliver the benifits of Boxing to everyone. The sessions are in no way any different, the Blue Light add contribution by way of support and can offer memberships and additional benefits to wanting participants and families.

**Sponsorship Available**

Blue Light Boxing is now running

Monday to Thursday 430pm and Saturday 9am

Blue Light Boxing is a partnership between Blue Light Vic - Vic Police and Hit Factory. 
Contact us and come and try at no cost, learn all the skills and correct techniques, improve your fitness, learn self defence.
Blue light Bendigo may be able to offer sponsorship to cover your ongoing membership.

Contact Woodsy adam.woods@police.vic.gov.au for blue light or info@hitfactoryboxing.com.au

All donations are tax deductible