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28 Day Power Cleanse

I get lots of question and comments about the 12 week Fighting Fit challenge. Like "I'm scared" "Will I be able to do it" "I haven't trained in years".
Well to all those that have inquired but haven't signed up for that reason. I am going to run a 28 day power cleanse.

4 weeks for you to refine your diet and start you in a good routine of training. To come and see what we do at the HFBC and how we are different from the rest. I want everyone that walks through my doors to achieve their best and be satisfied. With just a small commitment of 4 weeks. I will have you on your way to greatness.

You will get the all the same as our 12 week

Fighting Fit.
Access to all classes.
Your own online portal to our app with

unlimited training programs.
Healthy Eating App and nutrition planner.
Weekly challenges
Group challenges
Weekly weigh and Measure
And we love a prize....

The first 2 winners will get their fees

for the 12 week challenge waived. ($270)

4 Weeks unlimited Pro Coaching

just $90 (limited spots)

Register your interest

About me,

Most PT’s and trainers learn only from books and what was handed to them in

a course. They haven’t experienced the battlefield, they don’t know and haven’t

experienced injury, the ups and downs of battle and some of the struggles we all

can face. For almost 10 years I have trained athletes in Boxing and various other sports, I have seen the frustration of defeat the highs of victory had to rehab and repair athletes due to injury, I have had to push some and pull some back in to line. These are not things that can be fixed by a quote from a famous person or by a lecturer but by being hands on. I strive to learn and better myself everyday so I can pass this on to you.

We do train hard but smart, my one moto is NO EXCUSES

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